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Jake Pearce is a man I have known since the 1990's. Known him as a genius, a visionary, a mad man - an engaging energy source continually sparking with new ideas, innovations, questions, and conundrums. His scientific, semiotician brain is a curiosity machine that is in pure, perpetual motion.

His success with senior US executives in New York just confirms that trueiam.com is a genuine breakthrough that can benefit not only those who grapple with running businesses, but benefit the businesses themselves. Strong personal branding, laser focused purpose branding, and clear life purpose are becoming ever more essential in this complex world overflowing with competition and stimuli.

If you are serious about excelling in your personal and professional life, Jake is your man.

Rafe Ring
Global Insights Group, Singapore
SPB Strategic Insights Group, Canada

My name is Mark Taylor, I am a Master Vistage Chair and Best Practice Chair. Jake came to New York in 2010 with a system to give people clarity on their personal brand and a personal brand word. He tested it with my Vistage members, super senior execs and it worked. He got 98% satisfaction on the feedback. We both felt it was years ahead of its time even in New York. But I'm delighted to see the world has caught up and trueiam.com is using the science of semiotics to deliver both personal branding and purpose branding. I'd recommend the approach for anyone who wants a clearer brand, personal brand word and clearer life purpose.

Mark Taylor, MBA
Vistage Master Chair, Speaker, Best Practice Chair, & Facilitator of Vistage Leadership Program in Collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business

My name is Ian Turley and I’m COO of a Health Club Chain in Germany. I’ve actually been in the Health Club market all of my professional career and feel privileged to have helped people change their lives through exercise. Jake and I connected 7 years ago whilst in NZ and together we began to explore the connection between a purpose and adherence to exercise. It became clear very quickly that self-awareness and self-worth are intrinsically linked to self-motivation. Jake was able to help me realise that a better sense of self and clarity of purpose are not only pillars of success for adults but also in teenagers and young adults. As a parent this realisation has awoken something even more powerful (even moving me to tears) that future generations could benefit from. I’m delighted to recommend trueiam.com and the science of semiotics. I’d recommend the approach to anyone in in a professional capacity but perhaps more importantly our children

Ian Turley
COO - Germany
Holmes Place Deutschland

Happy to have connected with you today on Skype and fantastic introduction into your world this morning. I'm convinced you are the right person for the job when it comes to distilling any person's given purpose into a meaningful modern mantra or purpose.

Here's to us both having enjoyable and exciting adventures as we close out this year and move into the next.


Jake and I had a session to explore my personal brand and how it could more closely be reflected in my business. It was certainly a fun hour and enabled me to explore the personal characteristics and values that are most important to me and also to judge how aligned they are with my businesses. I have since adjusted my linkedIn profile and our employees have collectively updated our company values; both of which have been very useful.


I have known Jake for some while and have worked with him and had the chance to share thinking on a number of key subjects around behaviours and focus

Jakes thinking and processes for helping people get clarity on their purpose and personal branding are excellent. His depth of knowledge matched with his challenging style in getting people to dig deep and open up are both fun and enlightening. If more of us can achieve such personal understanding we will all be the better for it.

Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson coach and Business Director

I went through a ‘Mibrand’ process with Jake over a period of few weeks and found both the process and outcome to be extremely valuable to me as both an individual and professional. Through a variety of immersive and explorative techniques, Jake was able to help uncover and distill the essence of me as a person and a ‘brand’ and give me both insight and awareness as to how this had changed and evolved overtime and how I could articulate what my ideal future state might look like. The process of distilling it into one word was also fun and energising. I use the outputs regularly to reflect and re-calibrate, when I feel I’m needing to course-correct or want to charge myself up with a good kick in the arse!

Scott Wright


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